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The 2023 application acceptance window has been completed. Click here to learn more about the application process.

Journeyman Upgrade & Continuing Education Courses

The Western Pennsylvania Electrical JATC has made a commitment to provide journeyman-level electrical workers with the opportunity to advance their skills through upgrade training.

As our industry evolves, our workforce needs to do the same. That is why we provide training that allows journeymen to stay up-to-date on technologies as they develop.

Journeymen can continue their education at the Western Pennsylvania Electrical JATC in the Pittsburgh or Clearfield Training Centers. Upgrade courses allow journeymen to be the best electrical workers that they can be. From fire alarm training to cable splicing courses, the Western Pennsylvania Electrical JATC can help you become a more proficient electrical worker.

The Western Pennsylvania Electrical JATC encourages all journeymen to continue to further their education in our ever-changing industry.

Click here to see a list of Journeyman Upgrade Training courses available.

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