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The 2023 apprentice application acceptance window has been completed. Click here to learn more about the apprentice application process.

The electrical trade is the perfect place to find a lifelong career. The collective bargaining associated with a career in the electrical trade ensures that people of all races, genders, religions and sexual orientation will be paid the same wage as their counterparts.

The abundance of jobs in the electrical industry need to be filled as more and more young people are opting to go to colleges and universities. Instead of piling large amounts of student debt, consider a career in the electrical industry.

Beginning a registered apprenticeship at the Western Pennsylvania Electrical JATC is a great way to access the middle class. With benefits such as family healthcare and retirement benefits like a 401k plan and pension, apprentices can rest assured that they are being fairly compensated and that their future is being taken care of.

The earn while you learn model of apprenticeship allows apprentices to start earning a livable wage. Apprentices go to the jobsite every day, work for a paycheck and learn from experienced journeymen. Then a few nights per week, they attend class at the JATC to supplement this on-the-job training.

Further education through the JATC gives electrical workers an opportunity to make themselves more marketable candidates for leadership roles on the jobsite.

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