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Construction on the state-of-the-art training center in Pittsburgh was completed in 2000. This training center has all of the resources necessary to help apprentices become the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

The JATC was built to include a calibration and instrumentation lab. This lab helps apprentices and journeymen better understand how to identify and troubleshoot problems within electrical work. The lab also provides a space to practice the use of instruments that make measurements of volts, ohms, current and other forces that cannot be seen by the eye.

There is a motor control and programming room for students to develop skills. Motor control technicians are crucial to heavy industry, warehouses and factories as they ensure that the motors that keep conveyor belts and other pieces of machinery working, stay in operation.

Additionally, the training center offers apprentices the ability to learn useful techniques on a smaller scale. Project boards allow apprentices to learn circuitry and the proper installation of devices. Instructors help during this process, explaining why each process is being done.

The Western Pennsylvania Electrical Training Center provides the perfect space for apprentices and journeymen to build on their skill set. The training coordinators and instructors are experienced professionals who have the knowledge and drive to prepare the next generation of electrical workers.

The Western Pennsylvania Electrical JATC also holds training at a satellite training facility in Clearfield to serve and train IBEW Local 5 apprentices.

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