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The 2023 application acceptance window has been completed. Click here to learn more about the application process.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 5 apprentices come from a multitude of backgrounds. These men and women work to power Western Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh area through strong, fair labor.

Starting a career in the electrical trade is the best way for anyone to find a pathway to the middle class. Because of collective bargaining, it does not matter your gender, race or age, you will earn equal pay as your counterparts.

The opportunities are endless in the electrical industry. The JATC offers both apprentice classes and continued education to improve their already impressive skill set.

With most young people being herded towards colleges and universities, there is a void that is being created by older generations of trades workers retiring. People from all backgrounds can unite and fill these gaps in employment.

Become an apprentice, get involved and start earning desirable compensation in a rewarding career.

Upon acceptance into the program, apprentices are given a laptop and all of the tools necessary to begin their electrical career at no cost to the apprentice.

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